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      I understand that by submitting this form I am bound by the above-mentioned terms.

1. Title:
2. Name:
(Forename then Surname)
3. Former Names:
(if any)
4. Date & place of birth:
5. Contact telephone numbers:
6. Email address:
7. Are you a smoker ?
8. What is your current address ? (please include postcode)
9. How long have you lived there ?
If less than five years, please give previous addresses, including postcodes

13. Is current property owned or rented ?
(Owned/Rented/Living with Family/Other - specify details)
14. If rented, what is the name of your current Landlord or Agent ? (Enter details of the one to whom you are paying the rent)
15. What is your Landlord/Agent's address ?

16. What is your Landlord/Agent's telephone / fax numbers ?

17. What is your Landlord/Agent's email address ?
18. Why are you leaving ?
19. What is the name and relationship of your next of kin ?
20. What is their address ?
21. What is their telephone number ?
22. What is the address of the property would you like to rent ?
23. What monthly rental has been agreed (in £) ?
24. When would you like to move in ?
eg. ASAP
25. If any other person is likely to be staying at the property, please give their names and ages
26. If you have any pets that will be staying at or visiting the property, please give full details
(Put none if appropriate)
27. What is the name your current employer ?
28. What is your employer's address ?
29. Whom should we contact for confirmation of your employment status ?
30. What is your employer's telephone number ?
31. What is your employer's fax number ?
32. What is your employer's email address ?
33. What is your gross monthly income in £?
34. What is your position ?
35. How long have you worked for your current employer ?
Years / Months
36. Is your employment permanent ?
(Permanent / Temporary)
37. Do you work full time ?
(Full time / Part time /Agency)
38. What is your National Insurance Number ?
If self employed, please give details of your accountant
39. Accountant's Name:
40. Accountant's Address:
41. Accountant's Tel:
42. Accountant's Fax:
43. Accountant's Email:

Declaration & Authorization   

I hereby apply for a tenancy as per the terms stated above, declare that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and authorise Priority Management Services Ltd to obtain a financial status report from Experian, relevant information, including salary details, employment terms, residential status and any other personal information covered by the Data Protection Act to support this application

      I confirm there are no current County Court Judgements (CCJs), Bankruptcy Orders or Criminal Records in my name nor have I, at any time, entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

 I hereby authorise Priority Management Services Ltd to use my holding deposit of £250.00 to offset their administration expenses in connection with my tenancy application should any undeclared County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy Orders, Criminal Records or IVAs be found in the resulting searches or should it transpire that I have provided any false or misleading information in connection with this tenancy application or should I withdraw my application for any reason.

      I understand that by submitting this form I am bound by the above-mentioned terms.


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